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SkyNet Express Limited is your ultimate logistics delivery service

We serve across all the 16 regions of Ghana, providing clients with quality service and great customer satisfaction.

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Our Services

At SkyNet Express Limited, we know your needs vary so, we have designed different services and solutions to meet all your logistics and parcel delivery solutions for your absolute convenience.

SkyNet Documents

Delivery of documents, letters, and small files.

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SkyNet Parcel

Swift and safe pickup and delivery of parcels and packages with and to all regions across Ghana on behalf of clients..

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SkyNet Cargo

Pickup and Delivery of Large packages, Heavy duty equipment, and materials from 2.5tonnes and above with Accra and to regions across Ghana.

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SkyNet Dispatch Outsourcing

Dispatch rider(s) are assigned to company or business daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with all attached privilege of maintenance, replacement within 48 hours and many more.

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SkyNet E-commerce

Delivery service tailored for online businesses and shops within Accra and to all regions across Ghana. Pick up of purchases and delivery to the doorstep of buyers on behalf of clients.

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SkyNet School Box

Coming soon. Pickup and Delivery of parcels to Senior Secondary Schools.

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how it works

Planning & Process

Here is an overview of our delivery process.

Taking the order
Adding to Database
Getting The Cargo
Assorting & Packaging
Loading of packages
Delivery to the door
Our Vechiles

The Fleet

questions & answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

SkyNet Express is a domestic courier and logistics service provider in Ghana.

Do you send parcels outside Ghana?

No, SkyNet Express does not send parcels outside Ghana.

Do you go to other parts of the Country?

Yes, SkyNet Express is a national carrier service delivering to all regional capitals and all districts capitals in Ghana.

Do you transport Bulky items?

Yes, SkyNet Express transports bulky items to all regions and districts in Ghana.

Do you deliver food and drinks?

No, SkyNet Express does not deliver food and drinks.

Do you work on Saturdays and Holidays?

Yes, SkyNet Express works on Saturdays. SkyNet Express does not work on public holidays.

If I want to send a parcel, do I have to come to your office?

Yes, for Individual, shipment must be brought to the office for delivery.

Is your delivery service door to door?

Yes, our delivery service is a door to door service.

How long does it take for a parcel to be delivered?

Parcels are delivered within 8hrs in Accra & Tema, and 24hrs to all other regions outside Accra. Urgent deliveries attract extra fee.

If I am relocating, can you transport my items?

Yes, SkyNet Express can transport items to any location in Ghana.

Can I track my parcel using your service?

You can track all your deliveries *714*44#

Do you deliver to Nigeria?

No, SkyNet Express does not do deliveries to Nigeria. We are a strictly Ghanaian based delivery company.

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