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SkyNet Express Limited offers a wide range of services.

The service we offer are developed in close collaboration our prospective customers and existing clients, taking a close look at their transportation needs in the entire express service process. The existing services we offer are:

SkyNet Documents

Delivery of documents, letters, and small files.

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SkyNet Parcel

Swift and safe pickup and delivery of parcels and packages with and to all regions across Ghana on behalf of clients..

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SkyNet Cargo

Pickup and Delivery of Large packages, Heavy duty equipment, and materials from 2.5tonnes and above with Accra and to regions across Ghana.

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SkyNet Dispatch Outsourcing

Dispatch rider(s) are assigned to company or business daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm with all attached privilege of maintenance, replacement within 48 hours and many more.

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SkyNet E-commerce

Delivery service tailored for online businesses and shops within Accra and to all regions across Ghana. Pick up of purchases and delivery to the doorstep of buyers on behalf of clients.

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SkyNet School Box

Coming soon. Pickup and Delivery of parcels to Senior Secondary Schools.

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